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Jayl Funk presents "Funk The World 31" by Fort Knox on Mixcloud

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Barbarabar, Hamburg
























Barbarabar, Hamburg



Barbarabar, Hamburg



Barbarabar, Hamburg




FUNK THE WORLD 79 by Jayl Funk

1. Florence Funk - Funky Pony (Promo) 
2. X Ray Ted feat Carys Abigail- Dance With Me (Bombstrikes 
3. Kraft Kuts - Colombia (Friday´s Funky 45) 
4. X Ray Ted feat Nathaniel Hall - Get Out The House (Bombstrikes) 
5. Omegaman - Gonna Be Alright (Fort Knox Recordings) 
6. QDup - Renegade Master (Bombstrikes) 
7. Florence Funk - Easy Summertime (FlorenceFunk) 
8. Fort Knox Five feat Joe Quaterman - Don’t Go (Fort Knox Recordings) 
9. Florence Funk - Get Off And Jam (Florence Funk) 
10. Jayl Funk - Shake And Boogie (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings) 
11. The Allergies feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) - Say The Word (Jalapeño Records) 
12. Torpedo Boyz - Don´t Say No To Bo (Jayl Funk Edit) (Lounge Records) 
13. Jayl Funk - Feel The Rhythm (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings) 
14. Max Sedgley feat Tanita D´Mour - Queen B (Om US Recordings) 
15. Florence Funk - Dancing (Florence Funk) 
16. Florence Funk - Tryin´ Everything (Florence Funk) 
17. Jayl Funk - Get On Ya Feet (Disco Edit) (Sound Exhibitions Records) 
18. FF Edits - Throughout Your Years (Promo)

Jayl Funk - "Shake & Boogie EP" 

OUT NOW on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Jayl Funk - "Get On Ya Feet" EP

Jayl Funk - "Take It Easy" EP

Jayl Funk - "You Gotta Feel It"

Jayl Funk ft. Sofia Kamina & Funkanizer  -->     "FREE YOUR MIND"

Jayl Funk ft. Georges Perin - "Raise Your Hands EP"



1. Jungle - Keep Moving
2. Gwen McCrae - Doin ́It (Joey Negro Soulful Reprise Remix)
3. Javi Frias - On Fire
4. Dave Lee & The Sunburst Band - Everyday (JNDisco ReBump remix)
5. Bruno Borlone & Nacho Buscaglia - Give Me The Funk
6. Jayl Funk - Funky Disco Queen
7. Pockets - Work It Out (Dave Lee Redemption Mix)
8. HP Vince & Dave Leatherman - Listen Here (The Funky Mix)
9. Patawawa - Satisfy
10. Dimitri From Paris - Music Saved My Live (The Short Take)
11. Jungle Fire - Firewalker (JKriv Remix)
12. Niles Rodgers - Do What You Wanna Do (The Reflex Edit)
13. The Fantastics! ft. Sulene Fleming - Hey Mister (Art Of Tones Remix)
14. Rudy ́s Midnight Machine - East Side Good Living (Tad Wily Remix)
15. Escort - Cocain Blues (Cocaine Blues (Mama's Gonna Chop You Out Remix by Ewan Pearson)
16. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Supersonic Lovers Remix)


The Sound Exhibitions features an album Various Artists with 8 songs influenced by jazz funk & soul contamination. composed by Jayl Funk - Mister T - Vito Lainga - Frank Virgilio - and with the special collaboration of the duo Big Asha.

Jayl Funk - "I Get High" 

We are all looking for better times, the reopening of clubs and festivals. We are hungry for good news. We can give you one good thing that will give you a good feeling so that you can think: “I GET HIGH”. We don ́t mean massive drug-abuse, we talk about the new song by German maestro JAYL FUNK.
The second release for Jayl Funk on the Label Søndae Records includes the original version and the Funky Breaks mix. Both versions have uplifting grooves and infectious energy. Even the 2 versions are quite different both show the unique skills of Jayl Funk for the right grooves to make everybody dance.

distributed by HS Consulting & Distribution GmbH // Housesession GmbH

Jayl Funk & Quincy Jointz ft. Georges Perin

"Give Me Love"

Jayl Funk and Quincy Jointz teamed up with the Greek-French super-talented singer and Songwriter Georges Perin. The new single GIVE ME LOVE is a monster of NuDisco-song with super-catchy vocals and a sexy groove which takes everybody to the Dancefloor.
- The Lyrics are written by Georges Perin.
- Bass played by Andreas Feulner
- Horns, Piano, Beatz and Arrangement by Jayl Funk & Quincy Jointz

Also included:
Remixes by Jack & Jointz and Andy Bach

Jayl Funk ft Lucy Lune Gillespie - TAKE MY HAND

Honkey Phonk is back with the pure Original Tune „TAKE MY HAND“ by Jayl Funk in collaboration with the sympathic and very talented singer Lucy Lune Gillespie. The lyrics are written by Lucy. She is well know as a live performing artist and put out some collaboration Tracks on different releases for Timewarp Music and Cold Busted. For Honkey Phonk she is „Back on Track“ with her super nice Voice, catchy lyrics and nice harmonies in combination with Jayl´s soulful instrumental version. You will find the NonVoice Version on the Release as well. Enjoy it!

Jayl Funk - PromoMix 2018

Track ID:
1. The Haggis Horns ft. Doc Brown - „Take It Back“
2. The Fundamentals - „Thing“
3. Gramophone Soul - „Blue“
4. The Allergies - „Get Down On You“
5. Nickodemus - „Will You Still Be Here“
6. Cheryl Lynn ft. Joey Negro - „Save My Day“
7. Morcheeba - „Be Yourself“
8. Jayl Funk - „Easy Summertime“
9. Lack Of Afro - „Ride“
10. The Haggis Horns - „Keep It Tight“ (Jayl Funk Edit)
11. The Haggis Horns - „World Gone Crazy“ (LOA Remix)
12. Pitbull & Stereotypes - „Jungle“
13. The Allergies ft Andy Cooper - „Love That I’m In“
14. Prosper & Stabfinger ft Ashley Slater - „Drive By Pony“
15. Le Cercle - „Bounce To This“

OUT NOW - Jayl Funk feat Tarzan Bros - Funkin´Your Soul 

Honkey Phonk is back with a new Super Funky Release by Jayl Funk himself. On FUNKIN´YOUR SOUL he collaborated again with the amazing Tarzan Bros. FUNKIN´YOUR SOUL is a groovey and smoothie Funk Banger with super nice and catchy Vocals. The Remix by Trotter is super mellow and groovy with nice Beatz and Vocal Treatment. Mastered by Timewarp Inc.!

Out Exclusive at JunoDownload: 22nd of June. 
Out World Wide: 06th of July

OUT NOW - Kornum & Karma - Troubled Mind (Jayl Funk Remix)

We’re very thrilled to present you our new release by two of Denmark´s finest producers: Kornum & Karma.

The long-time DJs joined forces in 2013. In two years, they’ve had releases on the legendary King Street Sounds, Prison Entertainment and many more.
For Love Harder Records the guys deliver an outstanding package:
Their groovy deep house bangers "7 days a week" & "Troubled Mind" come with outstanding Remixes by one of the highest rising producers from the fresh Greek scene George Freeman & the legendary Funk Maestro Jayl Funk.

Downstair Project meets Jayl Funk

"Jazzy Gentlemen"


!!! OUT NOW !!!

Jayl Funk ft. Tarzan Bros. - SHAKE IT (incl. Remixes by Skeewiff, AGFA, Yamaha.Eletrico)

A. Jayl Funk. Feat. Tarzan Bros - Shake it (Original Mix)
B. Jayl Funk. Feat. Tarzan Bros - Shake It (AGFA Remix)
C. Jayl Funk. Feat. Tarzan Bros - Shake It (Skeewiff Remix)
D. Jayl Funk. Feat. Tarzan Bros - Shake It (Yamaha.Eletrico Remix)


Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is thrilled to welcome home one of pioneer producers who helped shape the label since the very beginning. German-based nu funk producer Jayl Funk has team up with funk trio/live act from the UK called Tarzan Bros and together they have created a true funk anthem with original vocals and grooves that sounds like it was done back in the glory days of soul and funk. And the goodness doesn’t stop here, because on the remix duties we have some of the very best funk producers from around the world to do their take on these original samples. All the way from the US we got the legendary soldiers of nu funk: All Good Funk Alliance, and from the UK a specialist in breaks and funk Mr. Skeewiff. Finally Yamaha (The Strike Boys, Wall of Sound) and Eletrico (Trio Eletrico, Stereo Deluxe Records) delivers the final remix for this EP.

Most of the people involved on this EP need no introduction as they are already well-established names in the scene but we are very excited to be introducing the Tarzan Bros crew, who originates from Greece but now lives in the UK and delivers original vocals, funky guitar riffs as well as Sax on these tunes.

There is not denying the funky grooves on this record that seamlessly joins in live jazzy saxophones with beats and breaks from the nu funk master Jayl Funk.

Jayl Funk has gone and done it again and cooked up another wonderful funk tune that we are very happy to be releasing as it takes us back to how it all got started here on BBP with his first release dating back to 2008.

  1. We’re kicking off the EP with a steady rocking beat that builds up nicely with a funky groove before dropping the catchy vocals that will last throughout the track. It takes no more than a few seconds to know that we are dealing with a producer who knows how to arrange music in such a way it gets your full attention all the way through the track. It’s all funk – it’s all original – it’s all Jayl Funk.

  2. On the second cut on the EP – All Good Funk Alliance puts us in school for a real electro boogie re-wamp of the Skake It tune. Frank and Rusty really manages to take out the essence of the original samples and make it their own by infusing their electro boogie around the vocals of the original tune. Electro funk at its finest. This is the second remix from AGFA on BBP since the first BadboE album Break The Funk from 2008.

  3. When Skeewiff is onboard you know its gonna be good – and this remix is no exception. Staying through to the feel of the original tune Skeewiff has slammed on a harder breakbeat and given more focus to the saxophone. This remix is an excellent alternative to the original and it will leave it very hard for anyone to stand still while this is playing.

  4. Finally Yamaha.Eletrico electrifies things as they introduce some harder synth basses build around the arrangement of the original tune. Well-put together remix that will make it fit into the more electric mixes our there. 

OUT NOW on GoodGroove Records

Good Groove Artist Series ft. Jayl Funk

Review Junodownload:

Nuremberg's Jurgen Ludwig, aka Jayl Funk, knows his soul music inside and out and here he delivers four fresh new jams via Goodgroove. They're all pretty high quality scalpel jobs, as per usual. "SixxThree Aight" is all heavy breaks and tight licks, "Piece Of Mine" is some classy disco funk, "Supernatural Babe" is some excellent low down boogie and "Still Together" is a hands-in-the-air 70s soul gem.

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Jayl Funk - WE GOT THE FUNK 

Supreme boogie business from longstanding German beat operator Jayl Funk; taking a classic Herbie Hancock/WAR style bassline, laying it gracefully over a series of bolshy big beats and massaging it with flutes, cowbells, horns and party noises, it's an instant party starter that people will recognise without ever hearing it previously. Looking for more of a 80s electro boogie twist with subtle shards of early Guy Called Gerald? Jump on Caz's version. You got the funk!


Jayl Funk is back on HONKEY PHONK with his fully Original Tune HOLD THAT GROOVE. 
Follow the stomping´ beat, get into the funky treat and: "Hold That Groove - Hold that Groove! - Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Hold That Groove!"

Mastered by Timewarp Inc (Angelos Stoumpos)

Jayl Funk - HOLD THAT GROOVE (Zamali feat Apedroid Remix)

This is a totally different treatment by his Friend Zamali and his dude Apedroid. They hold that groove with super nice guitar licks and synth vibes! Very nice funky and spacey feeling on this tune!

Mastered by Timewarp Inc (Angelos Stoumops)

Jayl Funk - Close Your Eyes 

Jayl Funk - We Got The Funk (Quincy Jointz Remix)

Jayl Funk - "Summercy"

New Jayl Funk Remix on Vinyl

Available on 19th of January 

Everybody's favorite nu funk producers Jayl Funk is on the spot to turn Funk Never Sleeps into his own as he slams on some latin style funky beats and rearrange the element of the original to perfection. Funk headz can go straight for this one.

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DJ-MIX (Guest Mix for Electric Retox)

1. Ephemerals - Easy Ain’t Nothin (Smoove Remix)
2. Tom Booze - Funky Vibrations
3. Elvis - Bossa Nova Baby (DJ Snatch Edit)
4. Nickodemus feat. Jay Rodriguez & Ticklah - Funky In The Middle
5. Pontchartrain - Funk Down
6. Slynk - Lady Pepper Groove
7. QDup feat. Bavu Blakes - Electro Funk Boogie (Funkanomics Remix)
8. DJ Moar - Open Your Eyes
9. D-Funk & Philly Blunt - Time To Move
10. Chilly Gonzales - I Am Europe
11. The Boogie Man - When The Funk Rains Down (Lowrider Version)
12. Pulp Fusion - The Funk Never Sleeps (Jayl Funk Remix)
13. Alexia Coley - Beautiful Waste Of Time (Smoove Remix)
14. Ed Wizard & Double Dee - Phunkosphere
15. Jayl Funk - Dirty
16. Disco Boogie Classics - Jump To The Edit
17. D-Funk & Philly Blunt - Let It Ride
18. Skeewiff - Tango De La Destruction (Jayl Funk Remix)
19. Jungle - The Heat (RLP Extended Re-Edit)

OUT NOW - My Remix for EatMoreCake


“Life monotonous? A bit dull? Slightly rubbishy? Fear not fine friends! Skeewiff’s Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom Remixed album, or to give it it’s working title, ’50 Wiff’s of Yahey!’ will turn your life - literally - upside down. Who knew Skeewiff were also Mary Poppins-style mambo love gurus? Prepare to become fully fledged erotic Goddesses of love with a penchant for high shenanigans and risqué derring-do. French ticklers? No Sir, we will not rest until we’ve tickled all of France. A spoonful of sugar? Yes please! Blown into us via a straw thanks. Two fingers? Not enough madame! we want the ‘double apocalypto slippery nipple’ or we’re going home!

Skeewiff will also teach you to play all the love games; topless darts, bottomless chess, strip Cluedo; Professor Pimp! In the Ballroom! With a map of Mexico, some cable ties and a tub of petroleum jelly!

* No ballrooms were hurt in the making of this album, but one did get quite a lot of baby oil spilt on it, so mind your step x”

New Promo Mix

Skeewiff - Theme from Dave Allen
Ewan Hoozami - B-Boy Sound
Morlack - Tough
Stickybuds and Bobby C - Party Remedy
Tonbe - Raw Taste
OhYeah - Oh My God Its Boogie Music
One Way - Pop It (AGFA vs. JM Jackmaster ReEdit)
SkiiTour - The Program (Jayl Funk Edit)
Pulp Fusion - The Funk Never Sleeps (Jayl Funk Remix)
Tonbe - Last Drink

OUT NOW - My remix for MINIMATIC (France)


Latest Promo Mix

This is my new Promo-Mix.


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Thanks A Lot For Listening And Your Support!



 1 . Fingerman - I Know It´s Mine (Jayl´s Short Edit)
 2.  FK1000 - A Fifth Cool J
 3.  Sard Boogie - Sucka Removel (Jayl Funk Special Edit)
 4.  Jupiter - Juicy Lucy (Boogieman)
 5.  The Funk Hunters - Ghetto Disco
 6.  Kill Paris - To A New Earth (Gramatik Remix)
 7.  Rayko - Win U Back
 8.  Smokey Bandits - Revolucion Valiente (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
 9.  Big Daddy Kane - 2 Da Good Tymz (Zamali Funk Remix)
10. Voodoocuts - Party People
11. Beard in Dust - Highest Mountain




1) Lowdown Funk - 117bpm

2) Rising - 110bpm


Well what can we say, the FUNK is strong right now! And who better to deliver 2 fresh cuts than one of our favourite funk technicians, Germany's JAYL FUNK!


We've always been impressed by Jayl's dedication to reviving dusty old funk grooves and we couldn't be happier with what he's turned in for his ReSoul debut. He's bringing it back on this one, yet certainly still guaranteed to rock any dance floor!



The Funk Hunters, Slynk, Funkanomics, Beatvandals, The Captain, Basement Freaks, Badboe, Trotter, Timothy Wisdom, CMC&Silenta, Dub Pistols, Cayetano, JFB, Slim Goodgroove, Qdup Foundation, Danny Massure, Wood'n'Soo, Omegaman, Jroc, Funk Weapons, Funk Ferret, SkiiTour, Busta, Lewd Behavior, and many many more!


RSR009 - Release Date: November 18th, 2013








"Jayl is getting funkier and funkier every damn day!"



"Hot Hot Hot! Jayl Funk smashed it on these two!"



"Absolutely Top Shelf Funk on both tracks. ReSoul for President!"



"This is Jailed-funky! My fav is Rising. Badass track! Bigups to ReSoul for putting it out!"



"Our homie Jayl Funk always delivers, great release!!"



"Nice slabs of funk!"



"Defo Jayl funk finest work to date, loving the production!!"



"Damn, fell in love with Rising within the first 2 bars!!! Huge"



"It's known that Jayl Funk is one of the best out there. And he did it again. Big ups to ReSoul as well for this release."



"Nice shot! Love the EP, Big and Funky!"



"Thanks for this Guys...Would defo play this in my Beatvandals/Bombstrikes Sound System Shows... Great production and Big fan of what you do!"



"Been a long time Jayl Funk fan, so I was so excited to see a release from him on ReSoul. Great funky vibey tunes. Going into the crate. Qdup"



"Dope Funk!"



"Great to see Jayl Funk on Resoul - super funky phat beats!"



"Jayl always delivers the real funk! Cool to see ReSoul pushing the non-ghetto sound too. Strong EP - will be playing both tunes for sure!"



"Sweet release! Totally support it!"


New Jayl Funk Mix Online

Jayl Funk Guestmix at HOMEBREAKIN RECORDS Podcast:

Jayl Funk serves up a groovy mix of funk, disco and house for Homebreakin Records Podcast #3. We dare you to stay in your seat!



  1. Jayl Funk & SDJP – Burn it Up (unreleased)

  2. Cassian – Fuck Song
  3. Trotter & Basement Freaks – Hustle with my Friends (Royal Soul)
  4. Jayl Funk – Lowdown Funk (ReSoul)
  5. Pays Bass – I Feel Good (Disco Mix)
  6. Gero feat Kullai Timi – Turn Around (Satin Jackets Remix) (Jalapeno)
  7. Ruben & Ra – Furry Love Affair (Midnight Riot)
  8. Funk The System – Terapeutica Do Grito Master (J & J)
  9. Jayl Funk – How You Like It (Bombastic Jam)
10. Peza – Neptune (Midnight Riot)
11. The Monk – Come Together (V Edit) (Vehicle)
12. Jay C – Fab Freddy Said (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
13. Timothy Wisdom – Get On Up (ReSoul)
14. Kraak & Smaak ft. Sam Duckworth – Good For The City (Moullinex Remix) (Jalapeno)
15. Tapla De Odeon – Johnny Waters (Silver City Remix)
16. Had & The Ladyboy – Crap Clap (Pete Herbert & Tricky Disco Remix)

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